So we love us some Mexican food in general but with Cinco De Mayo around the corner it is a perfect time to enjoy a margarita/ Corona (or both at the same time for our overachievers out there. See below...) and enjoy some of Tampa Bay's finest tacos. 

With tacos popping up on a lot of menus we focused on actual Mexican restaurants that are locally owned, have cool venues and the food is tasty. Here are our top picks around the bay:

St. Pete 

Casita Taqueria- Grand Central District

Super chill and very reasonably priced. This locally owned and operated brand has two locations.  One is on Central Ave in the Grand Central District (Kenwood area) and the other is on 4th St (Old Northeast) I just tried their tempeh tacos yesterday while getting some photos and would definitely get them again. 


Red Mesa Cantina - Downtown

Duck Tacos is all we have to say... We like Red Mesa because it is a great place to hang out and the people that work there are all super chill so we give credit to the management because that is usually a top down style. We regularly have networking events here. The atmosphere is cool because they have outdoor gardens and multiple levels. The only thing is expect to pay for parking because they are right downtown.  

North Pinellas

Casa Tina- Dunedin-  Tina Rita - Live performances- Big portions

Worth the drive wherever you live. It gets bonus points for having cool decorations, live silk trapeze performances and having one of the best margaritas in the bay, the Tina Rita, made with all fresh ingredients. This is also a great location to make an evening of walking Dunedin's Main Street to the pier and grabbing ice cream at Strachan's Ice Cream Shop. 



Taco Bus- Downtown Location

So until I was writing this I had no idea how many locations they actually have but I frequent the Tampa Downtown location.  I like that they have simple authentic options. I also really like the butternut squash tacos and the fact that they have tamarind and other flavored waters. This is more of a grab and go option but is great to walk around downtown and also Curtis Hixon park has something going on pretty much every weekend. 



While I was writing this I found out that Cinco De Mayo is actually to celebrate a military victory at the Battle of Puebla against the French on May 5th in 1862. In Mexico it is more like a Memorial Day vibe. As Americans tend to do, we put our own spin on it and turned it into a celebration of Mexican culture.

Also, while we love a great accessory, wearing sombreros and acting a fool is no longer on the menu. We hope that you enjoy and if you have any other favorite places comment below! 

Cheers, Cody